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In today's busy and hectic lifestyle, we work too many hours and never let the body fully recover. Our energy levels under this stressful lifestyle can suffer. The Energise blend can be added to diffusers and ultrasonic vaporisers which create and amazing aroma which invigorates the senses and helps to refresh the mind. Our blend of specially crafted citrus oils are excellent energizers which can quickly help restore poor energy levels.


This essential oil is useful for boosting your lymphatic system - it positively affects your mood and revives the mind while stimulating the digestive system and clearing up congested oily skin and acne. Grapefruit has a delightfully tangy aroma that is invigorating and highly refreshing.

This wonderful, clean smelling citrus essential oil is not only good for helping you make decisions and to improve your concentration, but cuts down on acidity in the body - thereby assisting the digestion.

Sweet Orange
Creates feelings of happiness and warmth, while calming nervous digestive problems. It deals very well with colds and flu, eliminates toxins and stimulates the lymphatic system, while supporting collagen formation in the skin. Its scent and properties are energizing and invigorating and may be helpful in reducing fatigue. Used as a room freshener, orange contains antiseptic qualities. Its scent may calm and soothe the nerves.