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About the Robbie Dean Centre

"The Robbie Dean Centre was established out of Robbie’s mother’s grief at losing her son due to lack of support available to help him during his depression. She wanted to do something to ensure other families in Renfrew County would not have to struggle so hard to get help in time of crisis.

After months of research and networking; the Robbie Dean Family Counselling Centre opened its doors in June of 2013 thanks to financial support from the Ottawa Valley Rotary Clubs. It is a community funded, a registered charity.

Working with existing organizations and agencies, the Robbie Dean Centre continues to develop and implement programs to close these gaps and better meet the needs of our communities. The Robbie Dean Centre is determined to enhance the quality of life of those who live in Renfrew County." - The Robbie Dean Centre

Visit their Website for their complete story and statistics on mental health and their impact on our society!

Renfrew County is the largest County in the Province of Ontario with a population of 107,000. We have one of the highest numbers in low-income households in Ontario and some of the worst health statistics in the entire country! Health Statistics in Canada show our health care works are overworked and despite best efforts, remain an under-served public problem. The shortage of locally available mental health specialists makes it difficult for families to find proper mental health care and taking time off work to larger centers is an expensive feat in of itself. Unfortunately, for most people, this is simply not an option. According to the PRH health statistics, most emergency room mental health visits are made by adults and there seems to be a lack of mental health crisis response resources in Renfrew Country for Adults. To see a counselor in Renfrew County wait times can be up to 6 months! That is why it is important for communities to have access to crisis walk-in clinics like the Robbie Dean Centre.

Our Event

Over the past six years here, at Sunset Nursery, we have strived to make our community a better place. Twice a year we hold a Fashion Show with all ticket sales going back to the community. We have been working hard with The Kiwanis Club of Pembroke since the beginning of our Fashion Show journey, raising approximately $20,000 to date.

This year for our Fall Fashion Show, we are going big! Teaming up once again with Crazy Beautiful Dresses, it is our goal to raise more money for the Robbie Dean Centre than ever before!

This huge fashion event has been sponsored by many local businesses, including:

Cork Culture
The Sugar Society
Pembroke’s Pure Country
The Pembroke Fitness Centre
The Giggling Goats
McGuires Doughnuts


The Giggling Goats
Known for their retro candies and toys, the Giggling Goats serve everything from homemade funnel cakes, old fashioned carnival food and milkshakes with a dramatic flair! On the night of our fashion show, they will be set up with a booth and serving their signature candy!

The Pembroke Fitness Centre
Located inside the Best Western, The Pembroke Fitness Centre has been serving the community since 1988. A complete fitness and wellness facility with on-staff certified personal and group trainers. At 5pm they will be set up here to offer discounted body compositions!

McGuires Doughnuts
This hugely popular donut shop creates unique works of art with their all natural, hand crafted doughnuts ranging from traditional to artisanal. They will have a booth set up serving their delicious pastries.

The Sugar Society
This beauty salon specializes in body sugaring! Aside from that they also offer lash extensions, professional makeup services and nail care! A booth will be set up where they will have some goodies out and additional information.

Cork Culture
This distillery is family-owned and specializes in making good quality, cost-efficient wines with a passion to share the crafting experience with you. They will have a booth on the night of our fashion show fully loaded with products and information.

Karisma Fashion Boutique
All regular priced ladies clothing is 20% off that night! Cant stay and shop? No problem! You can return with the portion of your ticket that the ticketholders gave back to you when you arrived. Don’t wait too long! You have until Saturday, September 28th, 2019 to receive your 20% off!

Special Guest – Crazy Beautiful Dresses
Located in the heart of downtown Pembroke, Crazy Beautiful Dresses and Décor is your destination for all things wedding! With fine tune focus on finding your perfect dress, they will make you feel beautiful and offer a one of a kind experience! Making sure to always capture your vision, they also have some crazy beautiful décor to make sure your wedding day is all that you imagine!

 Silent Auction

This year we are happy to announce that we will be holding a Silent Auction. Raffle tickets will be sold at a date and time that will be specified here on this page! Please bear with us as we get the final details ready. Once we get all our raffles we will post it here on this page, and on our facebook

Further information will be provided once we have all of our ducks in a row!



Tickets - $25/each

All Ticket proceeds goes to The Robbie Dean Centre

You can purchase your tickets by cash from Sunset Nursery, Crazy Beautiful Dresses, Pembroke Fitness Centre, The Robbie Dean Centre, and the Sugar Society or online at the following link:


Time: 5p.m. – 9p.m.

Date: Wednesday, September 25, 2019