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This special blend of essential oils produces an amazing aroma which fills your spirit with a feeling of peace and tranquility. Especially effective in diffusers to help restore calm and reduce tension.


This delightful citrus aroma is uplifting to the emotions. The therapeutic properties of bergamot oil can be used in the treatment of depression, stress, tension, fear, hysteria, infection, psoriasis, and eczema.

Grounding and balancing the emotions and banishes lethargy, while sharpening the wits, fighting depression and anxiety. It is also said to create an amorous atmosphere. It is effective for fungal and bacterial infection and is of great help for insect bites and could also be used as an insect repellant.

Sweet Orange
Creates feelings of happiness and warmth, while calming nervous digestive problems. It deals very well with colds and flu, eliminates toxins and stimulates the lymphatic system, while supporting collagen formation in the skin. Its scent and properties are energizing and invigorating and may be helpful in reducing fatigue. Used as a room freshener, orange contains antiseptic qualities. Its scent may calm and soothe the nerves.

Ylang Ylang
Calming & soothing and helps to alleviate stress. It also has a euphoric and sedative effect on the nervous system. Helps to fight off anxiety, tension, shock, fear and panic. It is particularly useful with rapid breathing and rapid heartbeat, it can also help with reducing high blood pressure and useful for intestinal infections.