Welcome to bathing with an all natural botanical product consisting of 100% nourishing plant oils, rich luxurious cocoa butter and sensual pure essential oils of Litsea Cubeba and Tea Tree. Like bathing with all our other soaps, this will be a transformative and nourishing experience that will leave your skin feeling clean, healthy, refreshed and soft.


Litsea Cubeba 
This pure essential oil has a crisp citrus smell. It is most valued for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties. Other therapeutic properties include being astringent and antiseptic.

Cocoa Butter 
The fat of the cocoa bean is a super emollient. It is gentle and moisturizing on the skin. Smells divine and also rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin E to help keep your skin soft and healthy.

Olive Oil 
We adore this oil and it is a vital component of the majority of our natural products. It is full of nutrients, vitamins A and E, antioxidants, and natural compounds that benefit our bodies inside and out. It also has the ability to attract moisture to your skin to help it stay hydrated and soft.

Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil 
This pure essential oil has a crisp, fresh, earthy, and herbaceous aroma. It is loaded with healthy ingredients that will invigorate your respiratory tract, soothe your skin and support your immune system.

Calendula Petals
Calendula petals gently cleanse and nurture sensitive and dry skin, providing antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to assist in psoriasis, dermatitis and healing wounds.


Skin Types: All Skin Types, Exfoliating, Detoxifying