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A scent of spring awakening the ferns and flowers of the forest floor, lit by sunlight, cool and fresh—a drift of clean dune lily mingles with earthy, salty seamoss.

By itself, aloe oil is not a true, pure oil. It is prepared by mixing the aloe vera plant with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or vegetable based oils. Aloe Vera has a fresh and clean smell and is renowned for its healing and rejuvenating abilities.

Sea Grass Extract (Irish Moss)
Increasing in popularity, Sea Grass extract, or Irish moss is used in many cosmetic products and aromatherapy practices. Known for its moisturizing effect on the skin, moss consists of many nutrients and vitamins, including Potassium which is commonly associated with alleviating mood disorders like anxiety and depression. Sea Grass has a cool and fresh salty air smell that uplifts the spirit.

Dune Lily
A beautiful floral smell, Lily Extract is used for relieving mental problems like depression and melancholy. It is used for aromatherapy treatment and treats various psychological debilities. It is used for treating memory loss, apoplexy and epilepsy. Regular usage of lily oil strengthens brain cells and improves the cognitive processes of brain. Lilies are also known spiritually, to induce deep sleep and lucid dreaming.