Sunset Nursery?s
Guarantee Program

We pride ourselves in the selection and quality of our landscape and garden plants. If the plants that you have purchased are given the care that we recommend they will be successful. Follow our planting and care instructions carefully. If replacement is required, bring the dead plant back with you, along with your receipt. The receipt indicates the price paid and confirms that it is a Sunset Nursery plant. Bringing the plant with you helps us determine what you can do differently so you are successful with the replacement plant.

We endeavour to stock a wide range of sizes and varieties from multiple suppliers to supply you with the greatest choice. Occasionally, the size or variety you need replaced may not be available at the time. If this is the case, we will either replace it ASAP when available or find a suitable substitute from our existing stock. Please note for replacement, the plant needs to be substantially dead with no hope of recovery - Eg: A couple dead branches broken from the tree requires maintenance, not replacement. Plants that are driven over, burned are not considered to be a plant failure, and are therefore not covered under warranty.

Our warranty represents a credit towards the purchase of another plant at the current price for the value paid at time of purchase ? Eg: If you bought a tree at full price for a $100, you would get a $100 credit towards a new tree. If you bought a $100 tree at 50% off, you would get a $50 credit towards a new tree. Please note, if the tree is covered by the 5 Year MYKE? Warranty, new tree prices may be different than when the tree was bought ? Eg: If the current price of the above tree goes up to $120, you would get your credit of $100 or $50 (depending on which circumstance as stated above) and you would be responsible to pay the difference, plus tax.



Shrubs, Evergreens, Shade Trees & Fruit Trees Shrubs, Evergreens, Shade Trees & Fruit Trees

100% Credit (NO REFUNDS) at the price paid for one full year from purchase date. If you purchased MYKE? Tree & Shrub, please see footnote below.

Perennials, Tender Shrubs and Tender Evergreens

90 DAY Spring and Summer only ? NO over-winter guarantee.
A Tender shrub or evergreen is classified as a less hardy plant for our zone that is less likely to survive our winters reliably. These types of plants are not considered to be our ?regular stock? but are special ordered. These are clearly noted on the shrubs or plant receipt.


100% Credit up to 90 DAYS from purchase date ? NO over winter guarantee.



MYKE? Warranty Program

If you purchased MYKE? Tree & Shrub with your plants, your warranty is extended to 5 years. At the time of purchase, both MYKE? Tree & Shrub and all Trees and Shrubs being covered by this program MUST be shown on the same receipt. The applicable amount of MYKE? Tree & Shrub must be correctly correlated with Myke?s Application Chart for the warranty to be valid. The deceased plant and original receipt must be brought into Sunset Nursery to begin the return process. Trees and Shrubs that fall under the MYKE? Warranty Program are subject to a ONE TIME REPLACEMENT ONLY - AT THE PRICE PAID.
NO REFUNDS will be given for plants that fall under this warranty program. If the plant cannot be replaced with the same variety or size, other trees and/or shrubs may be purchased to compensate the difference; or, a Credit Note may be applied at the merchant?s discretion.

Please Note: Some shrubs are not covered by the MYKE? Warranty ?
Eg: Blueberries, Rhododendrons & Azaleas; as MYKE? will not colonize on these plants. For more information on MYKE? 5-Year Warranty Program and MYKE? Tree & Shrub?, please read the MYKE? Planting Guide that was provided to you at time of purchase.

?Our aim is to have you be successful the first time so please follow our directions and enjoy your plants for many years to come. Thank you for your confidence in our plants.?