Mosquitoes in Water Gardens

I Have A Water Garden. Should I Be Concerned About The Risk Of Mosquitoes And West Nile Virus?
By Jay Mclaren

We are all naturally concerned about West Nile Virus, and this is Mosquito country. Certainly, it is important that any water sitting stagnant for any length of time be eliminated if possible. This includes garden features such as birdbaths, or other pools, or ponds where there is no motion in the water. However, it does not include water garden features that have pumps to keep the water agitated.

Mosquitoes reproduce in stagnant none moving water. A water pump that causes the water to splash and move around will not be the area where mosquitoes will breed.

With water gardens, it is important that the pump is working 24 hours a day, and it not be allowed to run dry. Therefore, it is important to add fresh water regularly, and to check for debris or any other organic material that could breakdown and cause decay.

Water gardens need to have plants in them that provide for shade in the water and oxygenate it to keep the water fresh. Keeping the pump going 24 hours a day, also ensures that the water is aerated and stays fresh. Following these simple guidelines will ensure that mosquitoes do not breed in your water garden features.

For other areas such as birdbaths or rain barrels, it is important to empty these regularly and fill with fresh water. For birdbaths, it is necessary to tip them other and refill with fresh water at least once a week. For rain barrels, place an airtight lid over the barrel allowing water to come in and making sure the water is used frequently. Rainwater is ideal for watering garden plants.