Irregular Brown Spots on Lawn

I Have Irregular Brown Spots On My Lawn. What Is The Problem?

It is common during the warmer part of the summer for brown spots to show on the lawn. Often this is just a shortage of water and is a natural reaction to the summer heat.

However, there may be other causes. One common problem is female dogs urinating on the lawn. The acidic urine kills the grass and creates brown spots. There is not a way of preventing this damage unless you are right there with the hose ready to wash the concentrated urine down through the soil. Another common source of brown spots on the lawn is Chinch Bug. This insect does its damage now during the hot part of the summer, and the result is irregular and enlarging brown spots. It is necessary to apply an insect control to the lawn to stop this pest.

Restoring the green colour is challenging during the summer heat. One easy way is to simply cut out the dead area and replace with fresh sod. The fresh sod must be watered though to keep it green and help it get started. The second means is to apply a top dressing of soil and add grass seed. This will also need regular and frequent watering during the hot summer weather.

This is about the right time to apply a summer fertilizer. Fertilizer encourages the grass to produce fresh growth, but, needs to be accompanied by frequent and regular watering.

Otherwise, on lawns without fertilizer and water, it is normal and natural for the grass to turn brown during the summer heat. This is just summer dormancy and the green colour will return when cooler weather returns in the fall.