Sowing Grass Seed

I Have Treated My Lawn To Control Chinch Bug.
Is It A Good Time To Sow Grass Seed?

By Jay Mclaren

While it is essential that insects such as Chinch Bug, June Beetles or other harmful insects of the lawn, are controlled at the time they do damage, it is not necessarily the best time to try to get grass seed to grow. Grass seed germinates best in cool, damp weather. The very warm humid weather that we get during the summer is not very conducive to grass seed growing.

The best time to seed either a new lawn or do repairs on an established lawn is mid August and later. From then on nights are cooler and damper, and the grass seed will grow very well.

However, during the summer it is a good time to put down sod. Freshly cut sod can be patched into the areas of dead grass and as long as water is applied frequently, and liberally, sod will take very quickly. This is an inexpensive, fast, and easy way of patching smaller damaged areas on the lawn.

Either sod or seed will get a better start if a light dressing of topsoil is applied first.