Water Garden & Pond Supplies

We carry everything you need to start a new pond or maintain an existing one, including pumps & filters. We also have everything that you need to treat your water as well as a wide variety of pond plants to make your pond even more spectacular! Below is a listing of a few of the products that we carry to get you started on your pond creation. 














See below for information on the different types of water plants.


These plants are happy with their roots submerged just below the waterline and prefer to be planted near the water’s edge. The roots clean the excess nutrients from the water helping to keep algae in check.  Tall Marginals give the pond a striking vertical design element; many of these plants attract Humming Birds and Butterflies to your yard. Keep Marginals happy and healthy by pushing a fish-friendly PondTabb pellet into the soil once every 2-3 weeks. See in store for details on pond maintenance products (613) 638-4107


These plants have air bladders at the base of their leaves that keep them afloat on the pond’s surface. Long feathery roots dangle down to help clean pond water and provide a great habitat for small fish and provide algae-suppressing shade and cooling for the water. Floaters multiply rapidly when the weather warms, ultimately producing a dense mat of green leaves on the pond surface.


These plants are the key to pond health because they consume excess (algae causing) nutrients; their lush feathery leaves pump oxygen into the water during daylight hours - and they provide a perfect environment for small fish. All Oxygenators perform best when completely submerged in the pond.


Water Lilies are beautiful, fragrant starburst flowers that float on the surface, surrounded by waxy round leaves.The roots of Water Lilies like to be well below the surface of the pond (below the winter ice depth), and like all pond plants, they like only still or slow-moving water. Many of these wonderful plants are hardy – and for the pond enthusiast – tropical water lilies add a new level of bloom size and color. Water lily leaves (like Floaters) help to shade the pond water - keeping it cool, less friendly to algae, and inviting to small fish.


 Credit to RedBud.ca and ezpond.ca

Visit http://redbud.com and http://www.ezpond.com for more detailed, in-depth information about your pond