A combination made in heaven! This bar is made with our local Whitewater Farmer’s Daughter Blonde Ale beer embedded in luxurious shea butter and infused with some of our local maple syrup to complement the hops and create a hint of sweetness. Ultra nourishing with tons of lathers created by our organic oils of coconut, olive, castor, safflower and avocado. This soothing and hydrating bar is rich in vitamins and made to improve over-all skin health and glow. Life just doesn’t get any better and what could be more Canadian!


Olive Oil 
We adore this oil and it is a vital component of the majority of our natural It is full of nutrients, vitamins A and E, antioxidants, and natural compounds that benefit our bodies inside and out. It also has the ability to attract moisture to your skin to help it stay hydrated and soft.

Whitewater Blonde Ale
A selection of pale malted barley infused with locally farmed hops rich in trace minerals and B vitamins.

Shea Butter
Rich, luxurious and essential for dry skin conditions. Shea butter is high in tocopherols and has a natural ability to nourish, repair and heal your skin from scars to stretch mark prevention!

Sunflower Oil 
Our organic sunflower oil is locally grown & extracted, cold pressed and jam-packed with wonderful properties for your skin and hair, cell regeneration, naturally high in vitamins A, D, E, lecithin and omega 9. It moisturizes and is excellent for mature, sensitive or damaged skin. We absolutely love this oil and so will your skin.

Local Maple Syrup
Maple syrup nutrition is impressive when it comes to supplying protective antioxidants. These antioxidants are beneficial for reducing free radical damage that can cause inflammation and contribute to the formation of various chronic diseases. Similarly to raw honey, maple syrup can help to lower skin inflammation, redness, blemishes and dryness.


Skin Type: Sensitive Skin, Dry Skin, All Skin Types, Acne-prone Skin, Eczema, Mature Skin, Problem Skin