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Vines For Full sun

I Have A Trellis In Full Sun. What Would You Suggest As A Vine?

Without doubt the all time favorite for a trellis is Clematis. This hardy vine is available in many varieties. It is favored for its large blooms in a range of colours including purple, red, pink, and white. The selection of Clematis is extensive and the care of varieties varies considerably. It is important to know which variety of Clematis is planted and how it should be pruned. There are three different categories of pruning. Watch for a future article for more details on pruning.

Another excellent choice for a hardy, woody vine is the Honeysuckle vine. The plant will grow 8-10 feet tall on a trellis or support on a wall and blooms over a long period of time with orangey, red coloured flowers. One of the great features of the Honeysuckle is that it attracts Hummingbirds. Another favorite for a trellis in a shady location is Climbing Hydrangea. This Hydrangea has most of the qualities of the ground shrub except that it grows long runners that can be trained to grow on a trellis. The blooms are white.

The use of roses on trellises or arbors is also popular. Selections of roses that are very vigorous growing and can be trained as climbers is available but are less hardy. Climbing roses while beautiful through the summer need to be taken down off of the trellis and layed down for winter cover. The family of hardy grapes is another option. The leaf of the grape is an attractive feature on an arbor or trellis. As well, many of the varieties grown here will produce fruit. Unfortunately, with a winter like we have just had grapes struggle to survive.

In the annual family there are many attractive vines. There are Thunbergia, Morning Glory, Canary Vine, Climbing Nasturtiums, Potato Vine and Scarlet Runner Beans. As these plants are annuals they are very vigorous and easily can cover 8-10 feet of height without much difficulty. Similarly, Sweet Pea varieties that climb make very attractive vines and are excellent for cutting as well. All of these varieties can be seeded now and will germinate very quickly and cover the trellis or arbor in no time at all.